Over And Over By The Dave Clark Five

July 25, 2016


The Dave Clark Five, for a short time, were considered the equal of the Beatles. While that comparison did not last, they did go on to place 16 singles in the American Top 30, which would ultimately propel them into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Today the band is best remembered for such hits as “Bits And Pieces,” “Glad All Over,” “Because,” and ‘Catch Me If You Can,” but their only number one American hit was a remake of Bobby Day’s 1958 single “Over And Over.”

The songs delivered a wonderful Christmas present as it reached number one for the week of December 25, 1965.

The Dave Clark Five disbanded in the early 1970’s and were a very rare group in that they never performed again.

Over And Over 45 by The Dave Clark Five

June 7, 2012

The Dave Clark Five are members of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. During the 1960s British Invasion they were one of the major goups to reach American shores as their single releases sold in the tens-of-millions of copies. They were also one of the very few groups of the era never to have a reunion once they split.

The band had alot of memorable hits including “Glad All Over,” “Bits And Pieces,” “Do You Love Me,” and “Can’t You See That’s She’s Mine.” Oddly their only number one hit was “Over And Over.” Released during the fall of 1965, it would spend one week on top of the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart.

It was a typical rocking DC5 release. They always managed to make their rock music catchy enough to make it perfect for AM radio play.

The Dave Clark Five placed 24 singles on the American Pop Chart, 1964- 1967, but “Over And Over” was their biggest hit.