Stagger Lee by Lloyd Price

February 27, 2014

Lloyd Price had the nickname “Mr. Personality,” taken from his hit “Personality. While this was his best-known song, it was not his biggest hit. That honor fell to “Stagger Lee,” which topped the BILLBOARD Hot 100 for four weeks beginning February 9, 1959.

Price was a born and bred New Orleans musician. His break-through came in 1952 when his “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” topped the R&B Chart.

“Stack-O-Lee” was an old folk song which Price re-wrote in the hopes of producing another R&B hit for himself. The bonus was his success on the pop chart.

His commercial success would want in the early 1960s but he would contine to tour with his nine piece band.

Personality 78 by Johnny Mercer

December 18, 2011

Johnny Mercer is best remembered as the lyricist of over 1500 songs. He is also remembered as the man who started the Capital label during 1942. He is also remembered for his 19 Acadamy AWard nominations, including four that won the Oscar.

It is forgotten many times that he was a successful recording artist who had a number of hit songs.

“Personality” was a smooth song in the big band tradition. Released as a single, it reached number one, March 9, 1946. It may have only had one week on top of the music world but very few songs actually make it to the top of the mountain.