Smoke Gets In Your Eyes By The Platters

February 24, 2014

Jerome Kern co-wrote “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” for the 1938 musical ROBERTA. The Platters resurrected the forgotten tune in late 1958 and released their version as a single. Kern’s widow was planning to sue until the royalty checks started arriving.

“Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” sold well over a million copies and on January 19, 1959, became the number one song in the United States. It remained on top of the BILLBOARD Hot 100 for three weeks.

The Platters were a traditional vocal group who had there greatest popularity in the last half of the 1950’s. Lead singer Tony Williams left the group in 1960. Mercury sued him for breach of contract but Williams won as he stated the Platters were signed to the label but not the individual members. It proved to be a land mark decision in the music industry.

My Prayer by The Platters

February 27, 2013

The Platters were formed in 1953. Their most famous line-up consisted of Tony Williams, Paul Robi, Herb Reed, David Lynch, and Zola Taylor. They were one of the most successful vocal groups of the rock and roll era placing 40 singles on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart.

Their sound bridged the gap between the early 1950s and the rock era. They were a classic vocal group. They may have been black but their sound resonated with the mainstream white audiance.

“My Prayer” was a number two hit for Glenn Miller in 1939. There version was released during the summer of 1956 and topped all four BILLBOAED Singles Charts in addition to the Rhythm & Blues Chart.

Best Sellers In Stores Chart – 7/4/56 – 2 weeks at number one
Most Played By Disc Jockeys Chart – 7/18/56 – 3 weeks at number one.
Most Played In Jukeboxes Chart – 7/25/56 = 1 week at number one.
Hot 100 Chart – 7/18/56 – 4 weeks at number one.

Tony Williams lead vocal just soared over the harmonies. It was their second of four number one hits.

The Great Pretender 45 by The Platters

December 17, 2012

The Platters were a connector between the group sound og the pre-rock and roll era andthe do-wop style of the rock era. They would place 40 songs on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart, 1955-1967 with four reaching number one.

The Platters were formed in 1953 by Tony Williams (lead vocal), David Lynch (tenor), Paul Robi (baritone), Herb Reed (bass), and Zola Taylor (female voclaist).

“The Great Pretender” was their first chart topper and remains one of the definitive songs of the 1950s rock and roll era. The group harmonies were impeccable and Tony Williams had one of the great voices of the 1950s. It reached number one on three of the four BILLBOARD Singles Chart. It only missed on the Best Sellers In Store Chart where it stalled at number two.

Most Played By Disc Jockeys Chart – 2/28/56 – 2 Weeks at number one.
Most Played In Jukeboxes Chart – 2/25/56 – 1 week at number one.
Billboard Hot 100 Chart – 2/25/56 – 2 weeks at number one.

The Platters were inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1990. Today they are a number of Platters groups touring.