Indiana Wants Me 45 by R. Dean Taylor

April 12, 2012

R. Dean Taylor was a Canadian singer/songwriter who was hired by the Motown label as a producer/songwriter/singer. He would co-write such singles as “Love Child” by The Supremes, “All I Need” by The Temptations, “I’ll Turn To Stone” by The Four Tops,” and “Im Livin’ In Shame” by Diana Ross and The Supremes.

Today he is best remembered for his own single, “Indiana Wants Me,” which was issued on the Motown subsidiary label, Rare Earth. It was released during the late summer of 1970 and peaked at number five on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart in the United States.

It was a song about a murderer wanted by the Indiana police. It came complete with the sound of sirens. It actually was a better listen than it sounds. He would place three more songs on the singles chart but never crack the top 50 again.