Six Man Band by The Association

September 18, 2011

Although The Association continues to tour down to the present day, their days of big hits and commercial success was coming to an end as the 1960s ran their course.

They built their sound and success on slow ballads and mid-tempo pop material such as “Cherish,” “Never My Love,” “Everything That Touches You,” and “Windy.” The only exception was their first hit, the rocking “Along Comes Mary,” which remains one of their strongest songs.

“Six Man Band” was a rock song pure and simple and even included some psychedelic guitar sounds. It was a welcome change of pace at the time as music was changing during the late sixties. It was a direction they should have explored more as their sound was quickly becoming obsolete.

“Six Man Band” became a minor hit for the band reaching number 47 on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart. Still, it remains one of their more interesting releases.