Bangla-Desh 45 by George Harrison

August 12, 2013


George Harrison spent the 1960s as the lead guitarist of The Beatles. Every once in awhile, one of his songs would be included on an album. “Something” was a rare tune of his released as a single by the band.

When the Beatles disbanded, he released one of the classic albums in rock and roll history, ALL THINGS MUST PASS, proving that he was a major talent. He followed this with his famous CONCERT FOR BANGLA-DESH. He was always interested in humanitarian causes and the concert and subsequent album benefited the starving in Bangla-Desh.

The single was released during the summer of 1971 and peaked at number 23 on the BILLBOARD Hot 100. It may not have been one of his best songs but it was one of his most important.

Something 45 by The Beatles

July 8, 2012

George Harrison was an exceptional songwriter while he was with The Beatles. His problem was that bandmates John Lennon and Paul McCartney were two of the best songwriters in music history.

“Something” was issued as a double A-side single with “Come Together” during the early fall of 1969. It was the only Harrison composition to be issued as an A side.

The single reached number one on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart for one week. “Come Together” was named the number one song in the United States and “Something” peaked at number three.

“Something” is now recognized as not only a classic Beatles song but as one of the memorable songs in rock history. It’s beauty is in the simpleness of the music and lyrics. It has been covered by close to 200 artists. Harrison said his favorite version was the one by James Brown.