The City Of New Orleans 45 by Arlo Guthrie

June 20, 2012

When your father was music legend Woody Guthrie, you have quite a legacy to live up too.

Arlo Guthrie exploded upon the music scene with his performnces at The Newport Folk Festival and Woodstock during the late 1960s and his opus, “Alice’s Restaurant.” He has continued to perform and record down to the present day.

He has only placed two songs on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart. The first was a very short version of the 18 minute “Alice’s Restaurant,” which only reached number 97 during its two weeks on the chart.

His only pop hit was the Steve Goodman song, “The City Of New Orleans.” Released as a single during the early summer of 1972, it peaked at number 18 during its 16 weeks on the chart.