Loaded With Love 45 by The Sunrays

May 25, 2012

When Brian Wilson took over control of the Beach Boys, he fired his father. Murry Wilson responded by producing The Sunrays in order to prove he could make a band successful without his son Brian. He almost made it.

The Sunrays produced two excellent singles that deserved better than charting in the middle of the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop 100 Chart. “I Live For The Sun,” and “Andrea” with lead singer Rick Henn’s voice soaring over the harmonies may not have been of Beach Boys quality but they were very good.

The Sunrays only charted three singles and none made the top 40. “Loaded With Love” did not chart and by the end of the 1960s the band was gone. Oddly one of the high points of their career was an an opening act for The Beach Boys.

Andrea 45 by The Sunrays

August 31, 2011

When Murry Wilson, the father of Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson, was fired as their producer, he set out to prove that their success was due to his genius.

He became the manager of the The Sunrays. They actually were a very good surf band who had a couple of moderately successful hits.

Their most memorable song was “I Live For The Sun” but it was “Andrea” that charted the highest. Released Jan. 26, 1966, it climbeed to number 41 on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart¬†.

What the band really had going for it was the wonderful lead vocal of Rick Henn who should have gone on to stardom.

I Live For The Sun 45 by The Sunrays

May 26, 2011

Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys matured and took control of the group. One of the first things he did was fire his father Murry, who had acted as the band’s manager.

Murry’s response was to try and prove he had been instrumental in the development of their sound and popularity. He founded another surf group and tried to make them stars. He almost made it.

The Sunrays were from Southern California and had well-developed harmonies. The group consisted of Rick Henn, Marty DiGiovanni, Byron Case, Eddie Medora, and Vince Hozier. Henn had one of the great lost voices of the 1960’s surf music era.

“I Live For The Sun” was a srong single. It was catchy with tight harmonies. It only reached number 51 on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart, which was way to low.

Whether it was luck or talent, Murry Wilson proved he could create and produce good music apart from The Beach Boys.