Surfin’ Safari/409 45 by The Beach Boys

August 10, 2011

The Beach Boys first single release, “Surfin,” was released of the small X label and then the equally small Candix label, but still managed to reach number 75 on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart. That early but limited success led to their being signed by the large Capital label.

Their first single for Capital was the two-sided hit, “Sufrin’ Safari/409.” “Surfin’ Safari” became their first big hit, reaching number 14, while “409” reached number 76.

It is the flip side that stands the test of time. “409” was the beginning of of Brian Wilson’s creation of a more sophisticated sound. It remains on of the great transition songs in Beach Boys history.

Surfin’ Safari/409 45 by The Beach Boys

October 29, 2009

The Beach Boys first single for the Capital label was “Surfin’ Safari” with “409” on the flip side. They had released “Surfin” on the small X and Candix labels and it had cracked the top one hundred earning them a contact with a major record company.

It’s hard to believe that this single was released 47 years ago. Looking at The Beach Boys they are oh so young. Dennis and Carl are now gone and David Marks was still a member of the group.

“Surfin’ Safari” would be their break out hit reaching number 14 on the national charts and establish them as a surf group. Compared to the songs that would follow it is a simple song featuring Mike Love’s nasal vocals.

“409” would be a minor in its own right but the vocals would be more sophisticated as it was an early example of Brian Wilson’s techique of layering the vocals to create a choir like effect. In many ways this is the beginning of The Beach Boys classic sound.

Both of these songs are now a part of The Beach Boys history. They formed part of the foundation for one of the great American rock ‘n’ roll bands.