The Letter 45 by The Arbors

August 25, 2011

The Arbors were a four man vocal group formed in 1964 at The Univ. Of Michigan. It consisted of two sets of brothers; Edward Farran, Fred Farran, Scott Herrick, and Tom Herrick.

They placed four songs on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart but only one reached the top 40.

Their cover of The Box Tops, “The Letter,” was released Feb. 22, 1969. It reached number 20.

When the hits stopped in 1969, they made their living writing and recording commercials for the next theee decades.

The Letter 45 by The Box Tops

September 21, 2010

“Give Me A Ticket For An Aeroplane!” With those words The Box Tops were off and running with one of the great single releases of the late sixties. “The Letter” would spend four weeks in the number one position on The American charts during the second half of 1967.

Vocalist Alex Chilton, guitarist Gary Talley, organist John Evans, bassist Bill Cunningham, and drummer Danny Smythe formed the group in Memphis, Tennessee. They would go on to create a number of well crafted rock singles through 1970.

The Letter revolves around Chilton’s gruff vocals and a raw but memorable melody. Sixties AM radio at its best.