These Boots Are Made For Walking By Nancy Sinatra

December 20, 2016

It didn’t hurt that you were the daughter of Frank Sinatra. And it really didn’t hurt that your father owned a record label.

Nancy Sinatra managed to create a career for herself that wasn’t dependent on her father, despite the advantages that it brought with it.

She managed to grab the brass ring twice¬†during her career. The first was with “These Boots Are Made For Walking, which was one the early tough girl songs; “one day these boots are going to walk all over you.” For a week, beginning February 6, 1966, it topped the American music world.

These Boots Are Made For Walking 45 by Nancy Sinatra

June 9, 2010

I was a high school student during 1966. (Yes I know, I am old). Frank Sinatra was one of the icons of the music industry. I had a few of his 45’s in my collection but being a rock kind of guy our musical paths rarely crossed.

Along came his little girl Nancy during early 1966. She was in her mid twenties and quickly became the fantasy of millions of teenage boys.

Her first big hit was “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'” topped The United States charts for one week during Jan. of 1966. Let me tell you those boots never looked so good. The recording featured a sultry vocal and an odd but mezmerizing beat.

She would go on to place 21 songs on the charts from 1965-1969 but this remains one of her best.