It’s All In The Game by Tommy Edwards

January 28, 2014

Tommy Edwards, 1922-1969, had one of the biggest hits of the year with “It’s All In The Game.” It topped The BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Hot 100 for six weeks and Best Sellers In Stores Chart for three, beginning September 29, 1958. It also topped the R&B Chart. The song, however had an interesting history.

Back in 1912, a Chicago banker named Charles Gates Dawes wrote the music for “Melody In A Major.” In 1951, lyricist Carl Sigman added the words and changed the title to “It’s All In The Game.” It was recorded by a number of artists including Tommy Edwards.

Cut to seven years later. Edwards re-cut and updated the tune as a ballad that fit right in with the rock and roll era. The rest as they say is chart history. It also topped the British Pop Chart.

Interesting fact number one:  BILLBOARD MAGAZINE had a number of pop singles charts and at one time the number had risen to four. “It’s All In The Game” was the last song to top the Best Sellers In Store Chart as it was discontinued in November of 1958. That left the BILLBOARD Hot 100 as the only Pop Singles Chart.

Interesting Fact Number Two:  Charles Dawes would pass away in 1951 and thus not see his song sell millions of copies. Don’t feel sorry for Dawes, however, as he would be one of the most unusual composers to ever have a number one hit. He would win a Nobel Peace Prize and serve as Vice President of The United States, 1925-1929.