Midnight Mist By Voo Davis

December 27, 2015

Caroline no sweden

Voo Davis is an artist who has learned his craft. The guitarist/singer has now returned with his latest release Midnight Mist, which is another concoction of roots music and blues all stirred into  a tasty mix.

While Davis combines many musical elements and styles into his music, he is at heart connected to the roots of the southern blues.

He continues to use the simple approach. He just goes into the studio and plays; one take … one song. What he plays is what you get, which gives his music an authentic and intimate feel, Tracks such as “When I Get Back To You,” “Cajun Sun,” “Howling Out Your Name,” and “Riverside Blues” all crackle with energy.

Backed by drummer Craig Borchers, keyboardist Michael Borkart, bassist Reggie Winterland, and harmonica/fiddle player Calvin Conway; Voo Davis has created his most mature and accessible album of music. A nice pot of southern style cooking for the mind and soul.