Mississippi Moderne By Webb Wilder

November 12, 2016


A generation of rock and roll musicians has reached their sixties. What used to be considered retirement age is now fertile ground for thousands of artists who are still producing cutting edge music.

Webb Wilder in one of those 60 year olds and he has now released his latest album of gritty rock and blues titled Mississippi Moderne. It is a release that gathers material from a number of sources and styles and transforms them into his personal and energetic brand of rock.

He runs through a fiery presentation of the obscure Kinks song “I Gotta Move.” Country songs make an appearance as he explores the textures and layers of Conway Twitty’s “Lonely Blue Boy” and Charlie Rich’s “Who Will The Next Fool Be.” “Two Much Sugar For A Nickel” has an autobiographical foundation and moves from light pop into blistering rock. Then there is the gritty blues of “Lucy Mae Blues” and “It Takes Time.”

Webb Wilder has been on a journey for decades and it shows no sign of ending soon. Mississippi Moderne is a cohesive albums that blends grit, dirt, and swamp into one delightful gumbo.