What Is Life 45 by George Harrison

September 5, 2012

When The Beatles disbanded, it signaled a coming out party for George Harrison. He had always been over-shadowed by the team of Lennpn/McCartney. His 1970 album, ALL THINGS MUST PASS, remains one of the classics in rock ‘n’ roll history and quickly proved that he was a first rate songwriter..

The first single release from his chart-topping debut was the number one “My Sweet Lord'” which was a difficult act to follow.

“What Is Life” has always been one of my favorite Harrison songs. The guitar intro leads into a smooth rock tune that just flows along. It may not have been as big a hit as “My Sweet Lord” but it did reach number 10 on the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Pop Singles Chart. It may be somewhat lost at times on the ALL THINGS MUST PASS triple album but it remains one of the better tracks of the early 1970s.